Tips To Pay Off Your Home Loan Faster

Home Loans20Mortgage borrowers should have a plan to pay as little interest as possible and therefore own their own home sooner, advised mortgage finance expert and founder of financial services group Yellow Brick Road, Mark Bouris.

Making extra loan repayments and putting in lump sums early in the term of the loan will have the greatest impact.

Avoid interest only loans as this will delay payment of your loan in full as you are not repaying any principal. The set and forget interest only option may seem attractive, however you will have the debt longer and end up paying too much interest.
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Reasons Behind the Popularity of Australian Property Investment

Investment23The Australian property market is one of the most popular investment destinations in the world, reports Business 2. A number of Australian cities are constantly popular with property investors on the international property portal,, reports Business 2.

The question arises to why Australian cities continue to rate among the most popular for international investors. Dan Johnson offered the following consistencies:
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Consider Neighbouring Suburbs as Potential Hotspots

Property15For astute property investors who want to maximise value for money and a growing return on their investment it’s often better to buy a property in a neighbouring suburb close to suburbs that are experiencing strong demand and price growth.

Cashing in on “the ripple effect,” means where prices escalate in one suburb, once buyers are priced out of that area, they must consider neighbouring suburbs. The pressure on prices means that eventually prices in neighbouring suburbs will rise. Securing property in these neighbouring suburbs ahead of time means that investors can benefit from surrounding price growth.
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First Home Buyers Be Ware – Stay Ahead of the Game!

First Home Buyers35Smartline mortgage broker Miriam Castilla, advised that first-home buyers should ideally be planning two years ahead of making the financial commitment to purchase a property.

First-home buyers will be ahead of the game when it comes to securing their own home if they understand the costs involved in purchasing a property, and are fully aware of the deposit and income requirements of banks and lenders. This will give them the best chance of obtaining a suitable home loan to finance the purchase.
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Abbott Confident RBA Can Manage Property Price Bubble

News17Australian economists are voicing concerns that low interest rates have not led to growth in construction of new homes. The real result of low rates appears to have resulted in higher home prices.

Despite this, the Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey have said the boom in property prices mean home owners have more valuable assets, reports the Australian Financial Review.
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The “great Aussie dream” of home ownership is still alive

Home Loans Industry19Well-known real estate author and property observer Terry Ryder, has regaled a report published in The Daily Telegraph regarding “an alarming number” of Australians having to forego their dream of owning their own home.

Ryder wrote that the article, which claimed that a growing number of Australians have given up on the dream of home ownership, forced to endure long-term rental situations and struggling to provide security for their family, is nothing more than scaremongering by misinformed journalists.
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Mortgage Broker Admits Guilt to Making False Home Loan Applications

Home Loans Industry38An Australian mortgage broker based out of Bankstown has pleaded guilty to making false home loan applications worth more than $3.8 million, reports the Property Observer website.

The false applications were made between July 2011 to January 2012 to two banks. Loans were falsely made out for ten people with a range of loans from $196,000 to $640,000. Full documentation supporting the false applications included employment histories, tax returns and bank statements.
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Gippsland Investors Set to Lose Investments

News36The investments of thousands of Australians in the Gippsland region could be lost as a result of the impending liquidation process, following the order placed on a major local mortgage fund.

The $150 million in assets held by Gippsland Secured Investments (GSI) have been frozen. The company’s rapid demise is likened to what happened with Banksia Financial Group in 2012, and that implies many people will lose their investments, according to Sarah Dankert of The Australian.
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CBA CEO Says Economy Suffering From Low Confidence

Home Loans Industry32The chief of Australia’s largest bank has stated he is not worried about whether the housing market will respond to low cash rates. Rather, he believes Australia’s economy is suffering from low confidence, as reported by Business Day.

Ian Narev, CEO of the Commonwealth Bank, has said he believes there will be another cash rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Narev said he has full confidence in RBA governor Glenn Stevens.
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